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I'm interested fella.

No one is putting you down. Just trying to help you save a load of time, money and frustration probably going down the same route that most of us have been down.

20 years ago I was convinced I could win FT comps with a Webley Vulcan if I cut down the barrel, fitted a gas ram and did all sorts of engineering strangeness to the back end to stop the ram elongating the holes. The guys at the local FT club ( quite rightly ) looked at me like I was insane ( I am by the way ) and just kept telling me to buy a decent pcp in a target stock and practice practice practice. If I was determined to shoot a springer then get a HW77 and put that in a decent stock and again ... practice practice practice.

I did move to the 77 and custom stocks but have been down the tune it to death mode and also trying to find the magic pellet that knocks targets down for you.

I've seen so many pcp guys jump from one top end supergun to another in the search for improved scores. I've also seen springer guys thrusting their tuned guns into my hands at the zero range before a comp, convinced they have created a tuned masterpiece that will win the comp on it's own. After the comp when they haven't scored all that well they are telling me that there was something else that needs doing to the gun and they will be ripping the insides out and sorting that out first thing the next morning. Nothing wrong with any of the guns ... they just wanted a shortcut to success ... it doesn't exist.

... after 20 years, a few breaks, and plenty of money down the pan, I reverted to the good old saying ... " If all else fails ... do as you are told ".

Even now when my head starts to drift down the " Yeah but if I just do this .... " I stop myself and just tell myself that if some guy who has been a lot more successful than I have, and been doing this for longer than I have, gives me advice ... he's probably right ... so I move myself back on the rails.

The bottom line is get a gun that shoots well ... sometimes you have to get a decent springer shooter to try it for you to convince yourself that the gun shoots tight ... find the pellet that shoots well through it ... get the stock to fit as well as possible ... take in advice on stance/technique ... and then put the time in and try and notice what you are doing different when the groups are good and when the groups are bad.

The LGU is getting good reports. They are good out of the box. They can be made better as all springers can but from what I've seen a decent set up of the trigger and they'll be more accurate than most springer men can shoot. So you have a gun there that will take you a long way before you need to worry about changing guns.

I've shot Nick Murphy's LGU, which he has worked on, and it is superb, it just nudges in the shoulder. I've also shot full Venom Lazaglide jobs and again they feel wonderful. When you stand at the side of these guys shooting these guns, the guns still jump backwards. They have a huge spring slamming a metal piston forwards at great speed. They aren't going to be a pcp. So there is always the fact that the shooter is going to have to be playing the biggest part in shooting them accurately ( I know guys ... even pcps jump a little ). I was at Far Coley and Neil T was helping me set up my 77. I shot his fully tuned 77 and he shot my 77 ( basic kit in it ). His gun had far less felt recoil and his trigger was so light I couldn't breath on it without it going off. Mine jumped a lot more and the trigger was woeful compared to Neil's. We were testing pellets and shooting at 30 yard paper. Within a few shots of mine ( with the right pellet ) Neil was putting pellet on pellet ... and he wasn't used to my gun or my scope or my trigger ... he can just shoot springers.

Good luck with all this and most importantly enjoy.

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