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Hi Gary

There's quite a few shooters in Stoke or thereabouts.

You may already know all this but have only just joined STB or you may be newish to airgunning ...

There are shops at Dolphin in Stoke, Whieldon Rd. and Pets n Pastimes in Butt Lane Kidsgrove and SCR near Audley.

Dolphin has a sheltered 40 yard range. OK for zeroing. You stand and lean against a carpeted shelf or a bean bag etc.

There is a HFT club at Kingsley Moor, not far outside Hanley.

FT clubs nearby at Far Coley ( nr Cannock ) and Byley ( Middlewich ). General target stuff at Quarnford ( HFT or FT ... shoot how you like ) with plenty of wind and wonderful views ( near Flash between Leek and Buxton ).

A 40 yard bench rest shoot near Norton Green.

So lots to do for airgunners in Stoke.

Enjoy STB. Loads of very knowledgable folk here so just ask if you need owt.

( ... and it's not sunny this morning fella is it ... Thunder/lightning and chucking it dine ).
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