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I've just received a call phone from easyJet aswering some questions.
After studied the issue their arguments are as follows:
1st. They prevent to fly with airguns because they DIDN'T WERE ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE THEY OWN each one of the rifles.
2nd. They DON'T WARNED IN ADVANCE to the company about they travel with rifles.

I've asked for a written answer in order to have the official answer.

Anyway there are a lot of comments about each one of the two agued points.

The company ask for a document beyond the law requires. Moreover, one of the shooters had a certificate from AA about the power below of 12ft/lb and he owns the rifle with the serial number. So no discussion at all in this point, at least with one of them.
When you book the ticket flight , you put the intention to fly with competition "firearms" , so you advise them and you pay for it!. No discussion at all.

I think these are excuses to defend something undefendible, their decission.

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