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Originally Posted by saddler View Post

When you book a flight, you have to select, and pay for, sporting gun carriage. How is this not notifying them?
I think from memory you purchase Sporting Luggage which covers carrying the guns, so it could be you are carrying skis or a bike or a rifle. I've tried in the past to let them know on the phone a day or so before, however i've had fun getting through. I think i've managed it 1/3 times, once there was a major incident on the day and the other time I was travelling at odd hours in between Italy and Spain (got to know Standsted very well in that 24 hours), so I let them know at the airport when I was there in the afternoon before.

For reference their response on Facebook seems very fast. I think it was only a few mins before my queries last weekend were picked up after posting on their page. So perhaps it's an alternative? Not for everyone granted, but adapt and overcome. Twitter also seems to be hotly used by companies these days.
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