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Default entirely subjective and vague

Yes this small, easy to do and inexpensive fiddle is vague and unscientific. Never having even shot a competition nor been around a course seriously, I'm not really qualified to say much on anything.

It has been good from my point of view to learn that the top shooters do not necessarily use highly tuned or sliding sledge systems to achieve it their amazing accuracy.

I am happier therefore with the LGU and more confident that I have a gun capable of shooting well in the right hands. I didn't know what I didn't know. I now have more idea about what I don't know..

Having had a LGU that had to go back to the factory my confidence in them wad undermined. I was questioning my choice in gun and wondering if I needed something different..

The bedding aspect of this thread is a bit of a distraction I guess. The 'experiment', flawed as it is will go ahead as soon as I get the silkaflex and I shall share my thoughts on the outcome if anyone is interested..
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