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Default update..

Still waiting on delivery of Silkaflex. Have prepared action by taping over any holes and masking. Have drilled a series of 11mm holes to a depth of perhaps 3mm along boths sides of the stock and to perhaps 5mm to the rear of the stock. Have sanded holes and sanded any varnish/stain off wood in region of holes for better adhesion.

The caulking will form a band around the action...a thin gasket with deeper holes..

I hope when its done and it cures I will be able to detect a reduction in vibration and recoil. However..
These are crappy little SMK's my boys plinked with. They are useless air rifles with dreadful accuracy. So I have no problem in butchering them in a little experiment.
Perhaps it might reveal something and perhaps not.
They only put out about 7ftlb and actually shoot with very little recoil anyway. So it may be difficult to discern any difference anyway.

The prep took me about 15 minutes. The caulking will use a small amount from the tube. The rest I will use in re doing the sun damaged seals on double glazing which I was going to do anyway. The SMK's will get chucked in the bin.

Will I attempt something similar on the LGU? I think probably not unless the result of the test is compelling.
The LGU is shooting sweetly and improving..would I invalidate the warranty and possibly mess up the accuracy by drilling holes in the stock? Probably not..

From a chat about recoil this side shoot has appeared. May be it might reveal something to me or it may not.
I shall have some fun in trying it out for my own curiosity...I might even learn something..

Having fun doing it and having fun chatting...
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