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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
If you are or have been a Lupe comp series owner + user, what if any temperature shifts have you seen with your "modle" of x35, x 40 or x 45?

Been using a x45 now for a few weeks in varying conditions and not seen it shift once?

Oh and this is not as my hand muscles remember the ranges on our practice course

Yet I have always heard /read comp series owners say their scope shifts at X degrees?
What I have seen is small shifts in ranging in different light levels, but so far nothing in heat.

so, whats your theory on your scopes X shift number ??
Hi up simon . i set mine up in the summer . as long as it was not left in direct sunlight at over 70 . it did not move . heat haze it did not like . But it was the winter when mine moved . going out up 8 yards at 55 , as soon as it went below zero . . ??? HOLLY
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