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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
Not being funny simon but your own club members have said me that you pretty much practice courses then use the lanes in a shoot you can see that with how worn the lanes are and with the your results the only shoots you ever seem to do well at is tondu or oaktree. Yes Blaenau put out 20 shots a week for practice for the members that don't travel... maybe a few of the lanes were used last Sunday but none of the same targets.
Virgin ground never been shot before next weekend so we'll see how well you fair off there???
In the last 8 years, very few Targets at tondu have been shot in situ before a shoot. I move every target on a practice course for a "main" shoot.
Of course lanes are re-used, we don't have huge amounts of manpower to completely build a new course every time. It took 3 of us 4 hours to clear "well worn" lanes today as the Top practice course has not been shot for 2+ months?
Many clubs are the same?
You seem to be contradicting Bdl comments and backing up what i was told?
By don't travel, I cant make out who you mean. The results from BG the week previous to sundays shoot show 19 entries doing the "club" shoot, of which 17 entered sunday!

But you know what, I don't really mind people shooting courses the week before or when ever because on the day, if its a good testing course with wind, it will be different from the week before.
Infact at tondu today, doing 3 in a row, almost every shot on the windy lanes was different and it took me 7-9 shots to clear some targets as every pellet strike was in a different place on the good lanes.
Even if you were using the same posts sunday that are fixed in the ground, I am presuming the line was different? So that they did not know ranges. As I said, thats what we do at tondu, but we have movable stands. May be same lanes (November shoot May use same lanes as last time on bottom ponds as we have two shoots this winter,) but I move every target in range and where I can, angle.

As for you comment on my results, erm, lost me? I think your saying I only do well at grounds I practise on, ie Tondu and Oaktree. I expected better of you.
Top AA at Castleton? Last time I shot Castleton? 2 years ago I think, could be longer?
Last Tondu shoot, I was bottom AA. so much for home advantage??
Oaktree, I shoot it about 4-6 times a year usually. As far as I can remember, we have changed the course before each shoot in last couple of years, same as is happening for Aug 3. Last time I had a good result at Oaktree was a day of no wind /in the kill, so it all came down to standers & Kneelers. I must have had a lucky day!
I had not shot some of the Mfta grounds over the winter and even the ones I had been to before had different lines /targets, but did ok there.
So perhaps what practise does is just make me a better shooter, sometimes at home, sometimes away?
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