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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
And that's why your not in AA.

I fluked the two targets in Lane 1, hit both but apologised to Dave as they were both fluke shots, I could not hold the gun on them. I think he missed both, may have even missed the plate on one? So lucky start. But I don't do lucky shots.

Clear after 8 then missed the 4 in a row, all lifted high as I could not hold the gun while letting shot go.
So, with 28 shots to go including 4 standers and the increased wind in the field, I had to hold onto 1 more miss through no fault of my shooting skill.
and that's the bit that pees me off, its a completion about shooting skill? Well only on course like this if you have a spare leg off a coffee table to bolt on.
not for me.

Still peed off about the 4 misses although I had hit the next 6, I forgot to dial for the stander. At first I thaught I had pulled the shot as it went high. Only when i went to dial 2nd stander i saw what had happened. That peed me off even more and was a contributing factor in missing other stander.
at which point I "left the course" having wasted my day.
I took the shots kneeling just to speed things up and get myself away asap.

Quite happy to put in low cards when I have not shot well, but wont put one in when other factors are to blame.
Even happier to be shooting A grade in Wafta against you next year?
1st year nearly down with a aim of shooting my way up, not opting up is almost there so happy with that.

Everyone finished the course wind and all, not one C or B grade moaned about the course.

In my eyes the ability to shoot all courses makes a skilled and adaptable shooter, not someone who picks grounds and shoots on ease and flatness or ones that they have been shooting and practicing for weeks.

You'll find BGwent never practice on a shoot for weeks before or in the case of the GP course never or months and then lanes get tweaked.

As for kneeling to speed things up good excuse mate must make a note of that one lmao
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