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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
If you rule out the 4 hard targets two lanes that leaves a potential 36 for grabs, this would leave the rest down to the shooter.
The remaining misses are then down to whom?
Not dialling one is a simple mistake everyone makes, this leaves a potential 35.

Deciding to then shoot the rest kneeling is just throwing the toys out of the pram in my eyes.
As for not putting in a card with a 25 is a way of grade protection as I've said at meetings too, it would then also affect a bfta grade. We know you don't add 1's to the beta rolling scores.


And that's why your not in AA.

I fluked the two targets in Lane 1, hit both but apologised to Dave as they were both fluke shots, I could not hold the gun on them. I think he missed both, may have even missed the plate on one? So lucky start. But I don't do lucky shots.

Clear after 8 then missed the 4 in a row, all lifted high as I could not hold the gun while letting shot go.
So, with 28 shots to go including 4 standers and the increased wind in the field, I had to hold onto 1 more miss through no fault of my shooting skill.
and that's the bit that pees me off, its a completion about shooting skill? Well only on course like this if you have a spare leg off a coffee table to bolt on.
not for me.

Still peed off about the 4 misses although I had hit the next 6, I forgot to dial for the stander. At first I thaught I had pulled the shot as it went high. Only when i went to dial 2nd stander i saw what had happened. That peed me off even more and was a contributing factor in missing other stander.
at which point I "left the course" having wasted my day.
I took the shots kneeling just to speed things up and get myself away asap.

Quite happy to put in low cards when I have not shot well, but wont put one in when other factors are to blame.
Even happier to be shooting A grade in Wafta against you next year?
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