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Just wearing this documentation:

Invitation Organization NEFTA CLASSIC on our behalf.
Airgun Spanish documentation.

Telephone contact Andy Calpin. The police called Andy to be established that the airgun were less than 16.2 joules But how?.

In cheking recorded that in 2009 and 2010 we had been in those same airguns on the same date.

But .... that cop was not worth. He simply changed his mind when he saw that it was time to go home and had not made a decision. The police made ​​the right decision because I was very clear that if I did not spend would do everything possible to receive a punishment by their superiors.

Tesla and I looked if there was a hidden camera hidden thinking it was all a joke.

Fortunately that only happened one of 5 times that have been in UK ... and we continue to do so.

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