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Didn't think it would take long for the 'buy a pcp' suggestion to appear..

Re Brian's it recoil or vibration I'm looking to damp then the answer I think is both. Have not seen the vibration absorbing membrane as yet..waiting for samples.

Re silkaflex I was thinking of bedding the interior of the stock with beads, laying clingfilm over and screwing the action back in while it cures. Masking tape could mask the stock and perhaps a coating of oil or wd40 on the action to prevent adhesion to any rogue silkaflex.

Hope to have a thin 'mould' around the base of the action that will directly absorb vibration into itself as well as into the stock.

Unless the stock is incredibly well engineered there will I imagine be gaps between wood and action. Silkaflex will fill those gaps, transfer more force to wood as well as absorb force itself.

I may take some wood from the back of the stock, directly behind the action and get a thicker fillet of silkaflex in there to perform same function but with greater depth.

Making this up as I go along...
Silkaflex is designed to absorb impact and bond well to lots of surfaces.Can't see a reason why it wouldn't help...
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