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Sorry to hear that you guys couldn’t travel and missed out on what sounds like a great weekend. I hope that Easyjet will come through and resolve this properly, but that will not bring your weekend back... As for resolving issues with EasyJet, bear in mind that other ‘cheap’ airlines such as Ryanair or WizzAir don’t carry guns at all, hence the easiest thing for EasyJet to do is to change their rules not to carry guns and then we are all stuffed…

I have flown with BA, Easyjet and LOT Polish Airlines over 10 times and never had any problems with airguns, yes you do get asked for EFP and get a lot of hassle and then you have to explain about the gun being a sub 12ftlbs airgun not requiring a licence.

What I normally have is this:

1. Copy of Home office guidelines for Police, with relevant bits highlighted (see here: )
2. Letter from manufacturer stating that the gun is below 12fltbs when manufactured, signed, dated on company headed paper.
3. Corresponding law (official print) from the country I am traveling to (normally Poland in my case).
4. ‘Official’ invitation to the competition with as many stamps and signatures as possible.
5. I always check with an airline before the flight and ring them 24h flight to let them know that I will be traveling with a rifle.

All this paperwork is normally only required at check in (airline staff) the customs people are not interested at all… once I saw my gun dropped at Luton by an EasyJet baggage handler and wanted to see if there was any damage, I opened it up in the Customs hall (where they search people) and was told to move on!

The main thing is to keep calm and present the evidence, as soon as you loose your rag with them (customs or airline people) that’s game over, I have had it before with a bottle of water that I had for my 1year old daughter… ended up paying a 50 pounds on the spot fine for arguing with them!
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