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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The shoot was no reflection on my shooting skills due to the physical "disability" I suffer on anti Aircraft angled shots.
I cant breath on those steep angled shots and have no wish to spend 200 + on an Oscar pistorius leg.

As such, I with held my card as I effectively walked off the course after t18? But of course I kept Dave Williams company till the end. Poor Dave faired little better, for someone who is leading Bfta B grade to miss the plate 3 if not 4 times on the uphill shots, it shows how the course was not for all to me.

I`ll be happy to be in B or A grade for 2014/15 Wafta series though. I have pointed out the failings of the wafta rule previously.
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If you rule out the 4 hard targets two lanes that leaves a potential 36 for grabs, this would leave the rest down to the shooter.

The remaining misses are then down to whom?

Not dialling one is a simple mistake everyone makes, this leaves a potential 35.

Deciding to then shoot the rest kneeling is just throwing the toys out of the pram in my eyes.

As for not putting in a card with a 25 is a way of grade protection as I've said at meetings too, it would then also affect a bfta grade. We know you don't add 1's to the beta rolling scores.

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