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Dear friends. (Use google traslator)

I am Josť Antonio Sancho (Sanjon), Director of the Open Competition of Euskadi.

When I received the news that Costello, Andy and Shaun could not come due to problems with the plane I was devastated, frustrated. On the one hand because the handles worldwide waited with great anticipation the duel, second, because many shooters wanted to know them as they are a "myth" and on the other hand for those who want to embrace consider to be our family.

I know it feels like that. Three years ago, when I went with Tesla to NEFTA Classic, a police officer at the airport asked for a declaration that the TX200 does not exceed 16.2 Joules. THAT DOES NOT EXIST. We were held for three hours until police arrived: changing work shift, and only then, the police realized he was about to make a fool he let us go to us.

The following year our airgunes appeared at the airport conveyor carts children without any policing.

In SPAIN NOT NEED DOCUMENT if the gun has less than 24.2 joules, but we can not get the guide to European weapons if less than 24.2 joules ... so: If this problem persists in UK we can not travel to any UK competition.
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