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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
It seems that previous trips abroad have succeeded by luck rather than design.
The concerning thing is not the lack of knowledge at the check in desk (as it's unfeasible to expect them to know every intimate detail of every law) but there seems to be no point of reference for them to establish the facts. So, whether you are allowed to check in your gun/knife/snake/racing pigeon seems to depend entirely on the opinion of the duty manager.
Even prior discussion and assurance from customer service seems to be of no use whatsoever.
Every time I've travelled there's been no problem. The only 'problem' we had was Gatwick to Italy when we put about 20 shooters on board and the handlers wanted to check every serial. And on the way back when the airport wanted to charge 40 euros to take the thing to the plane, which Easyjet refunded.

So this has all come as a surprise.

The head of Easyjet public relations has said they are hoping to make a statement by the end of the week. BASC are also making representation.
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