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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Only time we had trouble flying to worlds was in 2011 to Italy.
Not Very EasyJet staff wanted certificate for air rifle (Gatwick) but when the police inspected and said we don't need them it was ok. In 2012 (Norwegian Air ) + 13 (E J ) it was ok as we knew what we would face and called the police to inspect them.

But generally the staff had no real idea. indeed, the girl who "tried" to check us in last year was a new starter and although as helpful as she could be, I had to tell her what forms she needed!
I think it just illustrates why you need to cover every base's every single time and have everything documented and current, photocopies of old letters really shouldn't work. There's way too many variables with airport security and check ins. You need to outplay every question, the fact it worked last time is NOT really a good strategy.

One example would be I flew out of Manchester with the following home made synth with no problems at all. In Switzerland I was quickly surrounded and cuffed. My fault really as I really didn't think what it would look like when X-Rayed, D'Oh!

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