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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Yep Martin, i used to fly BMI Baby out of Nottingham and had to initiate small claims against them when i was denied boarding at Schiphol. I had booked the flight 2 months earlier but got to the airport a little later than planned. despite booking in being open i was told they had overbooked and there was no room left for me. I didn't get home that weekend. I sent 3 reply.....sent 3 recorded delivery reply. It's only when i sent them details of the smalls claims i just opened against them that something happened. No, they didn't contact me at all just paid the cash back into my account. wangers.
Yeah Chris, we did get one reply stating "act of god" and some aviation law, then nothing for a long time.

They did me twice actually. Nottingham once when they let two passengers on that should have been on the 8.30pm flight and not the 5.30pm. Then at Glasgow at 6.10am, they just handed us a letter saying the flight had been cancelled and here's a 3 voucher, make your own way home!

Stuck with it, got a lawyer to do me a letter for 35 and then things magical changed after months of nothing. There are sites online that will fight your case now for 20%.

They simply wait for people to give in.
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