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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Adam Benke has one and is conducting tests with the MK2 apparently alongside "top German FT shooters".
I wonder if these were the "top FT shooters" who rigorously tested the first version? LOL

As for Holly, wrong thread, this is about the new MK 2 model S&B. Silver does indeed heat up slower but it will retain heat longer than black.
Yes connor , but if all you need is a 15 diffuser added to the old FT model ? and you can pick those up for 1500 . why spend 2500 on a new one . be interesting to get hold of one of the old ones that was supposed to be really bad . just to see if it made a difference adding the diffuser .??? HOLLY

PS yes the scope does lose and gain heat more slowly being silver but surely that is a good thing . as my black 20+50 goes out just going under a tree in the summer .
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