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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Good luck claiming back on this, took me a year to get BMI to pay for a flight they cancelled when they invoked the "acts of god" clause, they make it so hard for you and take 3 months to reply in the hope you'll give up.

I'd also try a bit of Twitter action as well, keep it balanced but you'll be surprised how fast things change if your post get's traction and I'm sure there's enough people on here the RT it.
Yep Martin, i used to fly BMI Baby out of Nottingham and had to initiate small claims against them when i was denied boarding at Schiphol. I had booked the flight 2 months earlier but got to the airport a little later than planned. despite booking in being open i was told they had overbooked and there was no room left for me. I didn't get home that weekend. I sent 3 reply.....sent 3 recorded delivery reply. It's only when i sent them details of the smalls claims i just opened against them that something happened. No, they didn't contact me at all just paid the cash back into my account. wangers.
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