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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Learn to live with the recoil, the human body is capable of doing a better job of absorbing and managing recoil than a sledge, and it's what springer shooting is all about.
Just keep reading that line.

100% agree with what Brian is telling you.

Please don't fall into the trap that getting a springer tuned to the n'th degree will give you much of an advantage.

I would say giving a springer like a HW77/97 a basic tune ( a decent kit like a V Mach/ Welsh Willy / SFS tune etc ) to remove twang and some vibration is sensible. After that the advantages will be minimal and only of any advantage to some guy who has spent years practising with his springer, and even then it will only gain him a small percentage.

I don't spend enough time throughout any year to be competitive with a springer. During periods when I'm spending a lot of time and effort on my springer shooting I'm not bad. I've gone down the 'tune it to death route' to try and pinch a few points. I ended up with a rifle that had less recoil than my main gun ... but I was still getting better scores with my main gun as I was more used to it and the amount of recoil that it had.

The first British Springer Championships at Anston was 2 years ago and was won by Simon Ayers. There will have been springers there that had been tuned to the very top level. Post event, Simon commented that the springer that he had won with kicked more than others he had shot but he could shoot his very accurately ... despite the kick. He'd put the time in with that gun.

This year the same event, in memory of Paul James, was won by Brian Samson. Once again there would have been springers there that would have been tuned to death. Brian has commeneted that his TX has had minimal tuning. He shoots so well with his springer because he obviously has natural ability but he puts the time in practising and shooting comps.

So as I said above I'd put a minimal amount of effort into tuning ( the LGU is pretty good out of the box once you've sorted the trigger set up out ... look up the many posts ). I do totally agree that stock fit is of great importance. It's hard enough shooting a springer. You don't want to be trying to make yourself fit the rifle and bending yourself into positions that are stressing muscles groups more than necessary. So definitely sort the stock out to fit you. I don't know if anyone is now making target stocks for the Walther springers. It may be a case of sorting out a hamster, LOP etc on the standard stock ... or getting a one off custom job made ( expensive ).

I wouldn't get too concerned with chrono results if using AA 8.4gr. I've commented many times that I've found that I get 20fps spread with those pellets, even when they are proving to be the most accurate, even compared to pellets I've been getting well under 10fps spread on the chrono. The batches of AA have raised some threads recently re quality. Try a few batches to find one that shoots well through your gun but don't get too worried about chrono muzzle readings.

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