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Default re recoil..

Thanks for all your comments on this post. Still have the same scope on the LGU as I had on my tuned 77. Its fairly heavy..nikko target master..scopes..another post awaits..

My 77 was tuned; had a TTI piston/cylinder and Welsh Will derlin type bits...shot very sweetly, less kick than other tuned rifles I've tried..but I have to say that the LGU, unrefined out of the box is shooting more gently and sweetly than any other .177 I've tried. Still have a 25 fps range on it and I hope it might become more consistent...only had 1 tin through so far and pellets were unsorted...

Another thought on recoil..I was thinking about laying a thin bed of Silkaflex on the inside of the stock, covering in cling film and setting the metal body of the gun on it while it cures...result, thin rubber shock absorber..any comments?
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