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Default Reassuring..

Hey guys, thanks again for the contributions; feel I'm getting a handle on things now..slowly..
Re the 5.6 grain pellets they were suggested to me by someone I respect as a shooting guy..
Design and innovation move on at a pace and it seems to me there is nothing to be lost in trying something out. Some time ago Simon Evans advised me to try AA diablo field 8.4 and they remain the best pellets in any testing I've done..and that has held true for all my rifles used for ft although I continue to try out others..

As it happens I tried out the very light pellets yesterday at 25 m and they were uselss..despite wonderful consistency at the barrel end.
Nothing ventured...

Re recoil, thank you again Brian for your time and sharing your experience and knowledge with me. I'm encouraged and reassured that I probably don't need another gun or spend loads of money on an intensive tune. Assuming this 2nd LGU settles down and shoots consistently I will stick with it.

Unfortunately Sundays seem to be competition day here in South Wales and due to family commitments..two boys aged 10..not interested in shooting...single Dad.... find it difficult to get involved in comps..

Re experience I've hunted for many years and been around firearms in a professional capacity but I have to admit that I'm taken with toes curl with embarrassment now when I realise how inaccurate I have been shooting live quarry at distance. This FT pursuit really does boil it down to the nitty gritty..
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