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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Where did you have the problem, on departure or arrival in Spain?

So far I don't have any documentation for my gun at all for the trip to NZ.
I have phoned Air New Zealand though to register that I'll be bringing a 'Pellet Gun' with me.
Springers don't need a license in NZ or at home, so I'm hoping I'll be ok.

What do Olympic 10m target shooters do? Surely they'll come up against the same problems we do?
Brian ,
Re all the Olympic shooters whether they shoot 10 metre , shotgun , small bore or whatever. In reality they arrive here with truck loads of ammunition ,and guns with no paperwork that means anything ( how many customs or police officers know what a gun licence from Azerbaijan looks like ), and thats if they need one. They just Waltz in and out with no hassle .
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