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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Is it fair to assume that those top spring piston rifles in this list will all have very little recoil because they have been tuned and worked on to eliminate recoil as much as possible? ..............

If they have been worked on, and I kind of feel safe in assuming they would have been very much worked on, what kind of work, addition, attention have they received with a view to recoil reduction?
Tuning a springer sepecially straight out the box is paramount in my opinion to aiding more consitant shooting through reduction or channelling of recoil.

This manifests itself in lack of hold sensitivity. As Brian says, consistancy is the key.

If the rifle is kicking the same way and hitting the same point through prone on hard and soft surfaces on the elbows ( never zero on a bench, the channel of the recoil I feel generally cause a bounce effect, on ground you will most likelly see a POI difference), and from kneeling and standing. If its hitting the same place your gun is not hold sensitive and that is where the tune is worth its salt.

Most ofout of the box rifles I have tried have all had unfavourable charecteristics. Twisting, lurching, muzzle flip and twanging are some of these. All not good. A tune should give you reduced felt recoil and a consitant minimal (as possible) straight kick to shoulder.

Try a tuned rifle and see what I mean. Added other benefits from tuning, smoother cocking and less internal noise.

Not tried a LGU yet, but what strip downs I have seen, as per usual straight from factory guns, it looks to be liberated with thick grease. Looks like an ideal candiate for at least a clean up, or a proper tune.
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