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We had to shoot non-toxic pellets back in 2011 due to restrictions for adding lead to the environment at shoots.
A lot of testing has been done with several pellet types, gun setup, etc and the only conclusion you can make is that these pellets will not work for (H)FT.
Besides severe ricochettes (pretty dangerous at close range), we encountered that these light-weight pellets group until say 30yrds and then start a life on their own....
Grouping at 55yards was even bigger than the killzone, making FT more like a lotery...
Besides that they were not really cheap...
I skipped the entire 2011 FT saison due to this , after 2011 we went back to lead with FT targets in sort of boxes for collecting the lead (best effort of course).
Non-toxic pellets...stay away from these.
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