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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Whilst new to ft I am not new to shooting or firearms. I want to focus on recoil because otherwise I get confused. So in reply to my question it seems that the semi recoil mechanism called a sliding rail is allowed on rifles competing in piston class and that piston class is a category in its own right within various ft organised competitions, although some organisations treat SR type rifles as open class..still a little confused as there is a conflict there.

So focusing on recoil, not because it is more important than technique or scope or ammunition or ergonomics or other aspects but because I want to understand springer recoil more clearly.

Brian kindly listed the rifles that have achieved success and only one is manufactured with a SR system. It seems not many top springer shooters utilise a SR type rifle. The Diana is SR and perhaps some of the TX200 might be the SR variety in that particular list.
Other than the Airking, do we know if these top performing rifles (and shooters but please focus on recoil) had SR systems as after market additions?

I might be sweating the detail and I am not ignoring other important elements but there is still something left to say about recoil I feel.

Is it fair to assume that those top spring piston rifles in this list will all have very little recoil because they have been tuned and worked on to eliminate recoil as much as possible? Or will they kick just as they did out of the box?
If they have been worked on, and I kind of feel safe in assuming they would have been very much worked on, what kind of work, addition, attention have they received with a view to recoil reduction?
Eyup again

Out of that list I posted - none of the non sledge guns had after market sledges fitted, however the Diana AirKing (Hector Medina) had the sledge system significantly reworked and tuned because out if the box they don't work well at sub 12fpe.

In regard to the level of tune of those guns, I know about 2 of them - my Mk1 TX (2nd place) and Roberto's TX (4th place)

Mine was in a heavier stock (helps with recoil management, but doesn't help with standers) and was essentially running on stock standard internals.

The only difference on my TX from standard was that I removed the standard weighted steel top hat and fitted a delrin top hat, and a better fitting delrin rear guide. That's its - standard piston, seal, bearings, spring etc. Thats the same gun that was good enough to win the BFTA Grand Prix series last year too.

Roberto's TX was fairly standard too - again standard internals apart from a Vortex spring and rear guide.

I would tend to call that a very mild tune, swapping out a spring and guides on a TX is something you can do in 5 minutes and doesn't involve any machining of any kind.

Learn to manage the recoil you have and it will cease to be a factor until you make a mistake in your technique. Essentially that's the difference between a recoiling springer and a recoiless PCP - a springer will punish you for any mistakes whereas you'll probably get away with it with a PCP.
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