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Eyup chap, yeah sorry I didn't intend to preach

With your post about light weight pellets and with you going through 3 springers and looking for a 4th before you've shot a comp it had all the hallmarks of someone new to the sport falling into a common trap.

John's spot on - fit is vital, in fact I'd probably go a bit further and say with a springer pretty much everything is vital. The fun thing about shooting springers is that they take no prisoners. You get something in your technique slight wrong and you'll miss by a large margin. Make the same mistake with a PCP and you'll probably get away with it.

Recoil is a given - recoil even plays a part with sledge guns, and with non sledge guns no matter how fantastic the uber custom tune is - you will still need to manage the recoil.

That's the important thing, learn to manage the recoil and try not to change stuff.
(Even changing to a lighter pellet can have a drastic effect on the recoil characteristics of a springer)

Scope up that LGU and get your feet wet. Even straight out of the box the LGU is a very capable rifle.
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