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I think there is also another element that comes into play as well as practice and equipment, and that is fit.

I had a good year last year in the recoilers with a pro sport. I had the cheek pieve made ajustable, which helped a load and found the balance of the rifle to be pretty good. Bought a muzzle weight at the start of this year to make it more front heavy and this again made a great improvemnet to the fit of man and machine.

This year I have been using a s400. I have been finding it quite difficult and showing a gradual improvement. I fitted a MTC connect on low mounts, which meant my head dropped into the cheek piece a bit better rather than being a mile above it with standard mounts and stock. Fitted an adjustable butt pad, lowering the rifleon the shoulder, which again gave me greater stability.

Biggest problem I have had this year is how ligh the s400 is compared to the pro sport, the stability is just not the same. Currentlly a great carpenter friend is making me a weighted hamster and in the longer term a complete stock made from some fancy heavy wood. Reckon when this is all put in place the x-factor will be filled where with hopefully my equipment, scope/rifle/pellet and practice showing greater improvemnet and more consistant scoring.


Good equipment+proper fit x(practice)^2 = Shooting to the best of your ability
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