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Hey, great replies...thank you for excellent input.
It is no surprise to me that practice is a key are preaching to the converted Brian. I try to play guitar and have done so for some 30 years..yet I'm still searching for that elusive tone and sound..Probably had 20 guitars over the years and it takes that long to realise that if I'd just kept the first one I'd be no better than where I'm at now..
But to a certain extent its a journey we need to take..Similarly I've had many air them, the engineering, the wood, the smell..probably something to do with childhood impressions and memories..
All have been used apart from the LGU and all sold on for negligible loss, sometimes even profit...there is always Gunstar..
For me there is a thrill in trying out different tools...same with fishing rods..have loads..
I imagine all you guys have been on similar journeys..
Good to chat and explore the boundaries...
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