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Default Repeatability of cheaper scales

I don't weigh pellets at all now but I flirted with it a few years back.

I have a set of "Accura" jewellers' scales, that measure to 0.01gn. They seem pretty accurate and repeatable. I don't know who makes them but got them in a group buy off the BBS around 2006/2007 and paid around 30 IIRC.

I've just done a test on five pellets.

JSB Express 4.52, nominal weight 7.9gr, or 7.87 for fetishists of spurious accuracy
After each weighing of the five I turned off the scales, blew on the little pan to remove any potential dust, and turned them on again so they zeroed.

1st weigh7.897.847.827.857.85
2nd weigh7.907.92   
post "tare" 7.857.827.877.85
3rd weigh7.907.877.817.857.82

The second weighing of pellet 2 seemed a bit high, and it didn't return quite to zero afterwards, so I pressed the "tare" button to re-zero them and re-weighted it

I think that's more than acceptable accuracy for weighing lead slugs to shoot tin chickens with!

For whoever is interested, the batch is 35000010, they're mega, and if anybody has any more of them let me know as I'm on my last tin!
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