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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Years ago FWB (?) introduced a rail system on their 10m guns and they cleaned up in competition for several years so I understand. I believe it was regarded as a major leap forward and a big advantage against the non rail opposition.Recoil reduction does appear to make a big difference..all things being equal..
You're not the first person to come to this conclusion, and in theory it sounds very plausible.
I think the answer lies in your last 4 words though, all things being equal.

That's the thing you need to consider - all things aren't equal and 10m target shooting is a very different game to FT.

I'm trying to save you some time here, and it's not an insignificant amount of time either - this advice will save you years of your life.

Concentrate on the big stuff, and don't sweat about the small stuff.

You'll eventually get to the point where what was once the small stuff is now the big stuff, and that would be the time to concentrate on the small stuff ( which is now the big stuff, so the advice still holds true )

So... the next question is.. what's the big stuff?

As a rough guide, I'll give you what I reckon the big stuff is.. Gun/Scope/Pellets = 30%, Technique/You = 70%
but the best way to find out is to shoot as many competitions as you can - make a mental note of why you think you're missing and concentrate your practice time on solving the biggest problems first.

Here's a list of the guns used in the last World Champs (FT is the only target sport that has a Springer/Piston World Champion)

1st - Prosport (beating over 250 recoilless PCP's and semi-recoiless springers)
2nd - TX200
3rd - HW97
4th - TX200
5th - Prosport
6th - HW97
7th - Diana 54 AirKing (semi recoiless sledge gun)
8th - TX200
9th - TX200
10th - HW97

In short.. Your HW98, HW77 and LGU are all very competitive guns. I reckon if you went to a semi-recoiless gun you could increase your Gun/Scope/Pellet score by about 5%. If you swapped your springer for a fully sorted Steyr you'll increase your score by about 15%.

Putting that into perspective, if you bought 2 tins of pellets and shot them all standing/kneeling you'll increase your Technique/You score by about 10%.

Going back to your 10m example..

If you have a load of shooters who have spent a lot of time practicing their technique so that the difference in their respective Technique/You scores is only a couple of percent and then you give one of them a semi-recoiless FWB and they get a 5% boost in their Gun/Rifle/Sight score - they're going to clean up in competition.

So when you get to a point where you're at 65% of your Technique/You potential, and you're shooting against someone in competition who's at 67% of their potential, buy an SR and kick donkey (I'm not allowed to say ass on here).

Until you get to that point though - keep chucking lead downrange and enjoy the long journey ahead of you

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