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Not sure if Graham is correct there as i iknow a lot of top shots who weigh, A really good set is the gempro 250 but not cheap. I have a set that gave the exact reading 50 times in a row for the same pellet when i was testing it. I go through phases with weighing, for example a good tin of pellets will give a 12fps spread on the chrono from lightest to heaviest so it's really down to removing any doubt about the pellets and instilling confidence.I currently have an excellent batch of pellets that will group sub 10mm at 40yards which is more than enough for HFT. Therefore i'm not currently weighing. I have weighed in the past and tend to do 2 tins at a time with my pellet groups being approx 0.02 apart, for example, i put out a piece of A4 paper and sort groups 8.36, 8.38, 8.40, 8,42 and so on. It's accurate, time consuming but as interesting as watching paint dry

As i've said i don't currently weigh but i think that i might do a couple of tins an then compare the groups for weighed and unweighed pellets from the same batch.

If anyone that knows me in the NEFTA region or UKAHFT would like to experiment with pellet weighing then drop me a PM and you can borrow my scales for a couple of weeks.
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