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Seems like there is some confusion on the issue

Thanks for the input so far..

Years ago FWB (?) introduced a rail system on their 10m guns and they cleaned up in competition for several years so I understand. I believe it was regarded as a major leap forward and a big advantage against the non rail opposition.Recoil reduction does appear to make a big difference..all things being equal..everyone practicing loads ect..I was thinking aloud here about just how far we are allowed to take it within the rules.
I would like to know, before I go spending loads more money on say a good stock for this LGU if I'm still another step away from a potentially competitive set up.
Having never shot a springer with a rail system I've no idea if they even work well.
I saw a thread about what makes of guns guys on here shoot and I didn't see rail system models..set me thinking are they allowed? Are they any good?
Would be good to know if there is a rule about it and what the rule says, how it is interpreted or at least what the conventions are....
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