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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Cheers Holly, I'll ask Andy and thanks for taking the time to write and post that up, interesting stuff.

I do remember as a kid shooting into books to measure the power and my mate putting an Ox spring in his gun and breaking it, if I remember correctly he had one spring inside another. Often wonder where my old Webley underlever and Diana .177 are now
There used to be a thing called a ballistic pendulam , GC gerald Cardew made em . you shot at the pendulam and depending how far it went up the gauge . that was your power . sounds a bit crude , but it works . quite a few of the lads wanted MORE power from there springers . to judge how powerful it was , they used to shoot at dustbins . if it went through it , they were happy . course it never did . well untill they start importing that pump up ( can't remember the name of it ) and that would do the job . that is when the twelve foot pounds limit came in ??? HOLLY
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