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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Quite possibly another factor in my opinion is that they could well be fed up spending money on the boringly painful back breaking lane after lane of short distance reduced size killzone targets placed at extreme high angles. This trend is commonplace in a lot of European style courses in the past few years, it's also far removed from the original format of FT, a sport originally created and designed by British shooters in Britain.
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Don't mind a few Anti Aircraft shots, Max 10 targets out of 50 (Little Jack take note!).
After that it becomes silly and un enjoyable.
Dear friends,
I totally agree with you.
I got a great lesson from Alan Chambers at my first world in Poland in 2006, when a shot very tilted upward simply he said: "This is not fun"; this sentence contained everything reasons for to be there or not .

Today this trend at exasperation is unfortunately very widespread and in my opinion it has two reasons.

The first is why some people are naively convinced that more the course is unpleasant and more they become talented; this belief is contradicted by the facts looking at the English reality.

The second reason is a competition between clubs who show to be more "macho" to his course, gaining the reputation of "most difficult course in the world"; "We are tougher than you."
I think this is just ridiculous.

For curiosity I go any where, for the field target I go in England.

See you soon in Weston Park,

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