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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post

Two more while I'm here:

Is it true you could enter more than once on the first comps?
Do you know where the rule for dropping scores came from?
calpin is the one to ask as he has been around forever . yes you could re-enter . it was called buying a prize . then once it took off , there were 300 to 400 shooters at a big shoot . trouble was that there was no time limit , so a lot of shooters waited out the wind . plus it was feed on , so you could be waiting forever . shoot offs were often done in the dark by car headlights , yeah honestly . nowadays every shooter has access to good FT kit . then not . the top shots were not only better than you , they had better kit . plus they knew how to use it . it was very rare to get a good tip on shooting from one . what they knew they kept to them selves . no forums , no exchange of ideas . i moved through three clubs trying to get info and drag myself up through the grades . no chronos then and the only way you could tell if a rifle was a bit rich was to listen and judge the time it took to get to the target . some were instant . we mostly had low mag scopes and springers . that were in a permanent state of repair / tune . plenty of 22s about . when one of the lads bought a GC2 and lupe down the club . i stood there with my mouth open looking at it . he did not guess the ranges or bracket em . he ranged em with his scope . and he got the range RIGHT . then he hit the target . gob smacked . thus the scope/ arms race started . dunno when dropped scores came in , the first i heard of it was in our winter league introduced it via Matt Knock who ran the web site . Cheers HOLLY

PS. the thing i miss is the side shoots . dump , long range . speed shoot . team speed shoot . it settled the nerves before the main shoot .
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