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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Not sure if I'm in the right part of this site..not very familiar with layout yet.
My open question .. Is there a maximum FPS speed for a pellet within the ft rules?
Just tried a non lead pellet in my Walther LGU and finding it quite consistent. Over the chrono it averages about 965 fps. At 5.6 grain this
is about 11.5 foot pounds..
Legal for UK but is it ok for Ft competition?
You can't have an official BFTA statement on this here. Contact your region representative and work with him/her to establish a thought through item as this would need a change to the Main Shoot Rules.

From a personal perspective I think very light pellets will require an accurate mass measurement at the official chronograph location. You say 5.6grains (0.363grams) but consider what would happen if it registered 965fps but weighed more? A lighter pellet requires more accuracy in measurements of mass (not always easy on a course).

Also the impact of a pellet on a metal target can result in fragments. Some pellets "splat", others may break up in to "scabs". Consideration needs to be made of these pellets for close targets where there is a possibility of ricochets.
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