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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Right folks in light of poor Chris's recent experiance,how/if do you insure your kit/collection.
I have always just specified a single item on my contents insurance,I did a rough inventory this morning and quickly became aware I'm woefully under insured.
My contents insurance is with Lloyds and although they have no issue insuring guns they wouldn't cover me for the amount needed and referred me to an underwriters.
At the moment my contents. Is 200 per year.
The underwriters they referred me to will only do it if I move my contents insurance aswell,of which I don't have an issue,but their premium starts at 400 for the same cover I have now.
With the kit added its 429.Am I simplifying it to much that Im being charged 29 to cover my gear and my contents insurance is being doubled?
Any recommendations great fully received.
Forget insurance, Buy a brattonsound extra deep rifle safe, Bolt it to the wall put pride and joy inside lock it...happy days your average scroat aint gonna nick your gun.
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