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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
I shot a 5" wheel on my 20-50 Leup but when I changed to a comp many northerners told me I wanted a smaller wheel. Wanting one made anyway I asked Jon Harris whether I should have a big wheel on a comp, to which replied that "only Americans and f**king idiots shoot with a big wheel on a comp".
Not wishing to place myself in the American et al class of shooter, I purchased a smaller wheel (2.5") & I must say it works - on the comp anyway, where you have to parallax differently to a 20-50
The leupy comp 40x has a much bigger gap on the PA wheel between 45 and 55 yards than any other scope I have used (Nikko, leup 20-50, sightron). Must be about twice as big. So indeed for a comp you could do with a smaller wheel.

The smaller wheel has the advantage that it is less prone to damage the PA adjustment mechanics because the leverage on the central axis is less. And it packs easier in the gun case. But there is no range finding advantage with a smaller wheel on the Leupy Comp. I have a 5" on mine & I must say it works.
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