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Originally Posted by rich View Post
That's the point, Ray, they don't represent us. They represent their members. Which is right and proper for them.

It's when our individual interests and the interests of the sport in general don't coincide with their interests that it goes pear shaped.
I have no objection to AMTA representing their members as long as people are aware that is all they do. They do not represent the shooter, or look after his interests. In fact recent actions say that they are quite happy to feed their customers to the wolves.
A notable member of AMTA seem to take great delight in treating airgunners like something scraped off a shoe, with the belief that they are all of less than average intelligence.

When you get a "Defender of airgunning" saying that the Definition of a "Rifled gun" being a rifle and not a pistol I'm pretty pleased I can defend myself.

When you get an "Archant controlled" Board using undue influence to stifle debate on AT on other Boards you have to wonder just who's side people are on. I've made my mind up.