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Hi Rob,
It's clear that AMTA want to cherry pick which bits of legislation they think it's O.K. to ignore but want to push other bits they think should be upheld.

The Home Office, CPS and ACPO between them have decided that the restrictions imposed by Section 5 do not apply to sub 12FPE airguns. They will apply to airguns if those airguns are declared "Specially dangerous" ie. over 12FPE for a rifle and over 6FPE for a pistol.

It's worth noting that it's "Short barreled weapons" that are banned. Given that airguns are excluded from Section 5 (not specially dangerous) if they go over power (12 for rifle, 6 for pistol) then they do become a Section 5 weapon. An Air Arms TXHC has a barrel shorter than the 30cm limit. Under 12, it's O.K. Over 12 it becomes Section 5.

Shrouds are not mentioned anywhere in the Firearms Act and so cannot be counted towards barrel length.

For years AMTA produced airguns that were Capable of being over the limit. They fitted AT in an attempt to cover themselves but put the customer in a position that he could not comply to the law.
Not a single manufacturer has told any customer what "Safe from prosecution" action they should take if they find their rifle over power.

AMTA have manufactured a number of rifles with shorter than the allowed 30cm barrel but failed to inform their customers that they will be Section 5 if over power (pistols over 6).

We now have anther debacle of AMTA saying Semi-auto are illegal when the Home Office, CPS and ACPO say they don't have a problem. Perhaps some new AMTA advisors are required.

Given that the 12FPE limit was Lobbied for by our manufacturers they don't appear to have a good track record.
Perhaps it's time that airgunners told AMTA they don't want them representing us any more.