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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I bought the simple alignment part for the Combro (looks like an easy 3-D print job but hardly expensive). When used the combro is much more consistent and if not used being slightly offset may explain the differences between the 2 guns.
If anything the BFTA chromo gave my rig a slightly higher reading than on other chronos at previous events. As long as it passes I don't worry about the actual reading on the day. If the pellets match elevation clicks on the zero range a few fps won't make any difference.
Cheers Neil, Just been onto the combro site and ordered on and some new batteries. I agree with your second point, I have never had a gun run that close and when it was a little high or low, I've always put it down to heat or muzzle blast, or on the old bfta cronos changes in light levels, don't know much about these new ones so don't know if that might have an effect, but if it's ok for everyone else then I must be getting a false reading.. consistently!
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