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Thanks for all the replies everyone. The T35 is really very good and I regret selling my last one. Weight is an issue, it was with the Falcon and would be with a Nikko, so I'm still looking at fixed focal length.

Several others have weedled their way into my thoughts including Sightron and Weaver, both 36 fixed mag. However, at the price, it'll be a while yet.

Up until today, there were T35s on e bay priced at a hundred quid under retail, direct from Falcon. The error has been spotted and amended. At 300 quid I think i'd rather hold out for a used one of the above or the Bushnell for the superior glass and weight saving. I've got plenty of 'saving up' time to think about it.

If anyone uses any of them and is going to the Essex 50, I'd appreciate a look through

Thanks again
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