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Default Talked to Joe and Cindy

An update on my HW77 .22 Vixen. I acquired this rifle some weeks ago and have been investigating
its origins.

Through some leads and internet sleuthing I was able to locate Joe and Cindy White who ran
Cindy's Shooting Shop in the UK many years ago. I penned a letter to them and sent a small
package including pictures of the rifle and some photocopies of old ads from their shop.

Well they called me! This past Friday I saw an unfamiliar area code on my cell phone, picked it up
and was then chatting with Joe and Cindy via speakerphone. Among other things I found out that the rifle
was indeed an early UK import which was indicated by the low serial number. It was Joe's personal rifle
at one point. He said it was originally tuned by Venom but when it came back they weren't overly happy
with the work so they had their friend Ken Turner work on it. They told me all the brass bits (trigger,
guard, screws, safety etc) were done by Ken. So this was somewhat of a custom or a one-off. They did
collaborate with Ken on a line of semi-custom Vixen rifles which were primarily custom Diana 52's that
were short-stroked among other things. The stock on the rifle was done by a supplier in Sheffield but
they could not recall the name.

It was a pleasure talking to them and they said they have some other interesting rifles that they will
take some photos of to send to me. Among them are matched pairs of custom stainless rifles built from
scratch by Ken Turner. Two are underlevers and two are break barrels with under barrel latches. All stainless
and all built like tanks. They also have one of the first 10 TX200 SR's made which apparently had some
beefier internals/recoil mechanism. Since moving to the USA they said they shoot mostly PB's since there
isn't nearly the interest in airguns although they did mention shooting at the Western Wayne Club back in the day....
perhaps somebody from there remembers them.

Anyway, it was neat to hear more about the origins of my gun and now I plan to get it cleaned up and shooting like
new. They were tickled to see pictures of the rifle and were glad that it had been well cared for during the past
few decades.

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