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I've never used a T35 so can't offer a comparison.

Weight is 22 oz
Gap between 50 and 55 is 2.3mm
I dial, but for the really close targets I use a combination of dialling and holding over so that I never need to go beyond a full turret turn.

Optically very good, never shifted throughout winter and summer temperatures, very well made and springer proof. Ranging is similar to lots of FT scopes i.e. Look for fine details (screw threads, frayed string ends etc) and stop when it's clear. Takes a bit of practice, but easy to learn.

The gap size between 50/55 sounds small at just 2.3mm but when you consider the size of the AO ring is 52mm as opposed to say 125mm on a sidewheel scope, the gap is plenty big enough to discern distances of 50, 51, 52.5, 54, 55.

It's difficult to answer a question on relative price/performance but it depends on your requirements for a scope. If there are times where you'd rather not shoot on 35 mag then the bushy offers an obvious advantage being able to drop mag. How much that's worth to you is a personal thing.

I range on 32x and shoot on about 20x.

2nd hand prices are about 300-350 and they don't hang around at that price, so if you buy one and want to move it on there's always a demand for them (that should tell you something)

Why did you get rid of your 2 T35's?
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