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It's not much consolation right now, but have been reading a thread about a guy who had his 4000 Jones mountain bike with space frame fork found that was stolen 4 years before. The bike was taken into a bike shop for a puncture repair. The guy who worked there didn't think the bike matched up to the person who bought it in ( pretty unique expensive bike) so he posted on the forum. Someone remembered a post from 4 years ago, and put 2 and 2 together . The long and short of it was that the bike was positively id'd and the owner ( after coming to an arrangement with his insurers ) and he was getting it back.
Can't beat the power of the internet to make the world a smaller place.
Hope you get them back.
( as a side thought , how many have their rifles properly insured , and are there any specific requirements your insurers have as to storage etc)
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