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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
Chaps... I'm considering my options for a new scope. I've had and used, an MTC viper 8-32, my first ever scope. Two Falcon T35s and Two Nikko Target Master 10-50s. It's time for a replacement I've narrowed my choices down to either another T35, or a Bushnell 8-32 front parralex.

I can currently get a brand new T35 for 200 quid. Bushnells are over twice that! and I'd have to wait a while longer for one

I know how the Falcons perform but I haven't even looked through a Bushnell, hence some questions for some kind soul to answer please?

How much does one weigh?
What's the distance between the further range markings on the bell?
Do folks dial 'em or use holdover?

I'm guessing they don't snap into focus at 32 mag but rather creep in like the T35

Do users think the bushnell is 2-300 quid better than a T35?

Many thanks in anticipation.


Not used a T35, but the Bushys are fantastic:if they came with mil-dot as an option then they would be a firm favourite for FT shooters, IMO. With Brian Samson's new 3D printed collar it makes ranging a doddle, and the glass is fantastic for clarity.

Good scopes for springers: only downside is their length, the focus is slow rather than snappy, and that they require packing if on high mounts. But then, so will a T35.

300-350 should get you a decent/good 2nd hand Bushy - but they come up infrequently, as people tend to hang onto them: says it all, really.

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