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I know Jerry. We had some work done 3 weeks ago, so they must have weighed it all up then, things were hidden and would not be obvious to anyone just by chance. They knew where things were - the police said it was obvious - and it was. They also took all my Express pellets, and I dont have a tin so I cant even tell you what the batch number was, over 25 tins of them!

I would never suggest for a second by inside job I meant of our community, I couldn't wish to know a better bunch of people. I am genuinely touched by the kindness and offers of help.

I have had those guns since they were 'born' and they meant so much to me. I hope they will turn up, but probably not or totally knackered, guess the scopes will never be seen again though.

These things happen but it doen't help telling myself that at the minute

i will put some images up tomorrow, cant get access to them today, and if anybody hears anything I will be so grateful,


Castle FTC
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