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Bit Harsh, hope you're mates!

Re the buy via post or face to face debate. As in everything there is good and bad, upto 3 weeks ago would have bought online and done a pre pay - postal deal with just your basic checks! Went on trust etc. all good experiences to date - and been doing ebay and the like since the early years and have bought a car on ebay in from Japan and a Boat from Florida. No issues!!
3 weeks back - got excited over a gun I saw on Gunstar, then saw it a few days later at a price drop on Free ads - you know what is coming - dived in emailed him as phone was unavailable, did the deal - guy calling himself Scotch, from Forfar- Issue was he had cloned the Gunstar ad, his account was an internet bank account in Leeds. Bank said sorry to hear that - but reasonable endeavours only to trace the account and owner as "caveat emptor" applies! Only found out when emailed the guy via Gunstar to ask whether he got the money! Nice guy, gutted for me but he had never heard of me.
Outcome is I am out a few hundred, lesson learned - Trust dented and some B@@tar£ is due a shallow grave. That said with basic checks - mail is good for those that willing to go on trust - but totally understand why people will only do Face to face - Which is a pain as I would be the owner of a nice Steyr nope if he wasn't in Manchester and I wasn't down Devon way!
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